Bed and Breakfast Owners – Let’s celebrate

It’s now one year since Steve Driver and I became a team at Stayin.Town.  And we’re celebrating with another fantastic January offer for you. 

If your website is looking tired and in need of some TLC, then read on….

Our vision and goal is to put B&B owners, guest house owners, inns and small hotels, front and centre and in control of their businesses, no longer at the mercy of the big online travel agents and the commissions they charge.

We’re doing this in several ways:

1) We created our portal where over 300 properties are now listed

The software we developed to run the portal is now being deployed around the web as portals for travel agents, tourist offices and groups of properties.  So far we’ve created 6 and 3 more are in development.

If you have a group of properties, CLICK HERE to see what we can do for you.

2) We launched our education platform where we have created very affordable bite-sized learning modules which teach you how to position and market yourself online to stand out from the crowd and attract more direct bookings.  So far we have 8 modules and more will be added soon.

CLICK HERE to go to our trainings

And here’s the best news:

3) Through our web creation service at, we’ve built more than 20 websites for clients who want to look professional online but don’t have the type of budget for a pricey web designer.

If you’re thinking that in 2017, your website’s looking a bit tired and in need of a makeover, then I have some good news for you.

Steve and his tech team will create for you, a professional and beautiful website for the special January price of just $499 (normal price is $699) CLICK HERE to get this offer now before it expires on the 27th.

While we’re opening the champagne to celebrate an amazing year, we’re also throwing in a couple of extra bonuses to help you when you take advantage of our January website offer:

Bonus 1 – Get 10 free keyword content pieces for SEO.  These are bite-size blogs for SEO purposes, to help you attract the attention of the search engines (and therefore your potential guests).  We’ll research and create 10 of these for you and load them up onto your brand new website, so Google will reference you.  CLICK HERE to see an example

Bonus 2 –  Free logo design for your new website and to use on social media.  We’ll create a beautiful logo for your new website and for you to take and use around the web, so wherever we “meet” you online, we’ll know it’s you.  This is really important to help you build trust with your potential guests

This special website offer with 10 free keyword blog posts and free logo design ends on Friday 27th January, so if you know your website  needs a makeover, then CLICK HERE to get started now and Steve will contact you and build you a beautiful new website that you control.

Yvonne 🙂