McDonald’s, Amazon, Starbucks and Your Bed and Breakfast business

mcdonaldsI was in McDonald’s recently. I don’t often go there because I don’t like the food, but you have to marvel at the incredibly slick system they’ve created so that it can be replicated anywhere in the world and run by teenagers.  I love their system of offering me a larger portion of fries instead of the usual standard portion, because I might be hungry enough to say yes, thank you.

Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon? I buy all my books from Amazon because it’s so easy, and I just love their system of offering me X because I bought Y and often, my answer is yes, thank you, I will.

How about a coffee? Apparently our addiction to coffee and coffee shops has not waned during the “economic slow down”, and coffee shops are still doing very well. My preferred coffee shop is Starbucks, probably because we don’t have one in my local town (amazing, I know, but this is France!) and so whenever I visit London I always treat myself and pay a visit to Starbucks. Have you noticed the way they offer you a piece of cake to go with your coffee? Love cake, and love that little system.

I’m fascinated by how businesses work, and McDonalds, Amazon and Starbucks have certainly got businesses that work. Just those simple little questions that they ask have more than doubled their business revenue, and you know that this is the easiest money to go after. The second sale is far, far easier than the first sale.

In the B&B world, according to the recent survey, it seems that only 11% are focussing on the 2nd sale, and yet it could have the biggest impact on your revenue this year.

It happens to all of us.   What you’ve been doing so far has gotten you to a certain point, and is starting to work less well. If you knew how to double your business, you’d have done it by now. So what do you do?  Work even harder, or do something differently?

Come join me on a webinar I’m hosting next Tuesday April 22nd. I’ll be sharing my 5 Step process to a successful B&B, inn or guest house business and you can see for yourself where your gaps are and how you could be doing something differently to get a different result this year.

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  1. Chris Mason says:

    Looking forward to your next webinar…always good information. Thnaks so much.

  2. The examples you used are excellent, they do have an advantage, their systems are setup for the second sell and in an instant it is delivered and the second sale goes hand in hand with the first sale.
    To make an additional sale to a guest, it has to be fit into their itinerary, which often has been per-planned. The key would be to prepare the guest for the second sale or the guest asks for it. To do that one would have to change how our products are presented and at the first buy give them a list of things they could and should consider, then the second buy is part and parcel of the development of their itinerary. Even if they do not take one up on it, at least they are prepared for it at their arrival.
    This would require a change in approach and making sure the delivery is faultless, which can have it’s own challenges.
    Food for thought, thanks.

  3. Yvonne, I’m sorry I missed this. I was away visiting my grandson. Is there a recording? Would love to watch it.