Have you thought about getting some help?

Running a Bed and Breakfast is a full-on occupation, and can be exhausting, especially without any help at all.  You may have been running your B&B quite well without any help, perhaps there’s just the two of you taking care of everything.

I know that I started out like that, running a hobby not a business, and when my B&B started getting busy, I somehow resented the guests coming and spoiling my lovely house, taking all my time, and wanting something when I was with my family.   I was up to my eyes in laundry, cleaning the toilets, hoovering, shopping and cooking.  I had no time for marketing, and so my so –called business didn’t grow much, and consequently didn’t make any money which meant I was doing all that for nothing!  Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but it’s true.

All that changed when I realised what was happening, and I needed to learn the skills required to run a business.  I learned that business is a team sport, and so I had to have a team.  I hesitated for some time, because my perception was that I couldn’t afford any help.  And yet without any help, I couldn’t find the time to attract more guests.  It was a vicious circle.

I had to take a leap of faith, and trust.  I advertised for a cleaner, and two young girls showed up.  I wasn’t used to managing anybody (other than my children, but somehow I discounted that skill), but after a very short while, they took over all the cleaning, and boy, what bliss!

I couldn’t do without them now, and with that little hurdle behind me,  I started to look at what else I could outsource.  How about you?

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  1. Yvonne

    For any of us working at home, not just B & B owners, I think a cleaner is a great first addition to our team. Then whenever you can earn more per hour than you are paying it really becomes the obvious thing to do. The best thing for me is creating work opportunities for others, don’t you agree? And in your situation in Champagne it helps you become valuable and connected in your community too. Good on you!

  2. Brilliant Yvonne! Good noticing. It can seem like Catch 22 sometimes, knowing that the extra help will free you up to enable you to utilize your time to be able to market the business more. Funny how we can discount our management skills as Mum’s!! That alone takes a lot of organizing, working out the logistics of who’s when and where…. Sounds like you are building yourself a dream team there now. Look forward to seeing it one day. Great post.