Is Infusionsoft right for me?

You’ve probably heard a lot of online marketers, small businesses and solo-preneurs using Infusionsoft and maybe that’s got you wondering…… do I need Infusionsoft for my small hospitality business?

Well, it depends…..


  • you’ve got an established business
  • you’ve got good cash flow
  • you already have some understanding of marketing online
  • you’re spending a lot of time manually managing guests
  • you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage the work flow
  • you’re spending too much time in front of your computer
  • you’re finding it difficult to keep in touch with past guests
  • you’d love to reduce the commissions you’re paying to online travel agents
  • you want to grow your business, and you know there’s potential but don’t want to work any harder

then resoundingly, YES!

If you’re small or just getting going, on a limited budget, then I would caution you here.

Infusionsoft worked brilliantly for me, because I had already established myself and wanted to streamline my processes, spend less time in front of my computer, following up and managing my guests, and within a year I had doubled my business with this technology.

Keep in mind, the strategy comes first, then the technology.

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Yvonne x