Are you in love with your business?

heartI speak to a lot of B&B owners, some of them just starting out and some of them have been doing it a very long time.  And there’s one thing that stands out for me.

They don’t really like business.

Often it seems that they’ve chosen to run a B&B to escape the corporate world, work from home and just, well….. work.   It’s like they’ve given themselves a job.

And when I suggest that they start using technology to lessen the workload, it doesn’t fit with them, because they love “working” and without the “work” what on earth would they do?  The concept of taking time off is often alien to them.

They love running a B&B. And setting up the business was just a way of giving themselves the opportunity to have a B&B.  Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a B&B, but what’s misssing is that they haven’t fallen in love with their business.

So what’s the problem?  Why do you need to fall in love with your business?

If you don’t, you’ll avoid marketing until you’re desperate for guests.  Then you’ll turn to other people such as the online travel agents to bring you guests, because you want to avoid learning how to market.

If you don’t, you won’t look at different ways of packaging your services to optimise the use of your time.  This could mean having some free time, and wouldn’t fit.

If you don’t, you won’t look at opportunities to partner with other businesses in your local area to create new ways of delighting your guests.

If you don’t, you’ll never take the time to learn how technology can streamline and systemise the sales and marketing process, giving your guests an even better experience.

In other words, if you don’t love business, you’re going to struggle.

Now I’m not saying you have to love business more than you love being a B&B owner.  But you have to fall in love with your business enough to put your energy into innovating and learning and into marketing and sales. The things that are going to turn your bed and breakfast “job” into a successful business.

Without those you’re going to end up with a “just getting by” life.

Have you fallen in love with your business yet?

Let me know what you think, I’d love to know 🙂 Thanks for your time.


YH in Garden




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  1. Nadine says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I love my business, that’s why I’m still not convinced of joining I like to do the communication part of running this b&b myself. Also after the guests have checked out.
    We’re on Tripadvisor, got there by a nice review of one of our guests, after which I claimed the listing of course. Since then I ask (some of) my visitors if they would care to review us on TA. I’m not asking every visitor to do so. and other paid OTA’s go in overdrive on this point, and I don’t like that.
    I also have an active FB-page on with a nice bunch of people following us. Few clients up to now, mostly people whom I know from this area and who are sympathetic about our micro business. For clients I refer to our blogs: (the Dutch version, our local language here) and for the foreign visitors. I’ve posted one of my favourite recipes there, I hope you can find it ;0)). And then there is our website of course.
    There is the issue about AirBnB that’s bothering us, though. Many of my colleagues complain of slower business since 2013… and we think it has to do with the fast growing airBnB network in our region. Many of those AirBnB members are not licenced b&b’s and do not comply whit rules and regulations, whereas we are following every new law or rule that applies to us and pay our duties and taxes. Do you have any insights you want to share on this ?

    • Hi Nadine and thanks for your post. I sense your frustration. Other people will do what what they do. We must concentrate on what we can do in our businesses. Learn how to market, learn how to sell and you’ll never go hungry 🙂

  2. I think that in order to be successful you do have to love your business. I go through periods where I don’t LOVE it, but I still like it. Same as when I was working for someone else. Fortunately the love periods outnumber the like/dislike periods!

  3. I do love my business (I don’t love technology, or should I say it doesn’t love me!)I love meeting the people and bragging about how wonderful my corner of NY is and then helping them plan their stay. I love having free time to join my friend for coffee or lunch when my guests are out for the day. I have been unsuccessful in creating packages that people want either from the combination stand point or the marketing stand point, I’m not sure which. I never wanted a 6 figure B&B because that was too much like work. I do want a business that supports itself and gives me an income I can use for personal pursuits. I’m getting there, just a bit slower than I had hoped.

    • Hi Sunny and thanks for commenting. The words that stand out for me in your post are “I never wanted a 6 figure B&B because that was too much like work”. Did you know that the more money you make, the more help you can hire, and the more time off you can take? Thanks again 🙂

      • I was not good at managing my staff in the corporate world and adding the need for 1099’s and insurance requirements for a staff just scares the heck out of me. I know I could hire someone to do it for me but in the classes I took it was stressed that if I didn’t know how to do it myself and keep up on laws myself, I could end up in a world of hurt if I couldn’t go through everything the person I hired and KNOW it was right as bottom line, I put my name on the paper and I am responsible for any errors.

  4. Joe Van Heerden says:

    Most of us that had a professional career were responsible for part of the success of the business. We could handle that well and required specialized knowledge. As an owner of a B&B one is reponsible for it all. The Marketing, the Product line up, the Admin, the Networking, the updating of Web sites, choosing a booking system, what is prepared for Breakfast and so on. As we learn we acquire the different components and hopefully learn them well. Unless one has done this type of thing before, there is no initial startegy or frame work, then if one had one, the measurement of success and not so successful is lacking as one startes at one’s own efforts and now we have to judge ourselves, how did we do? There are many components to make it truly successful and for many it takes time. The key is not to stop, When one piece of the puzzle is complete move to the next. All of this has to be developed within a structure of what we truly want.
    There is little point in just “staying busy” very little point in a life like that. However once you make the leap, it does become complex, my only advise is “nothing can take the place of persistance.

    • Hi Joe and thanks for commenting. The words that stand out for me are “there is little point in just “staying busy” and I totally agree. Persistence is key. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Steven White says:

    Hi Yvonne
    I totally agree with you. I’ve actually fallen in love with the marketing. Inventing new things for our guests to do, improving our communication, website etc. However, we’re feeling a bit stressed today as it is our first day back since the end of November! Why work when you can’t fill the place? – Holiday time – Rome, Portugal and 3 weeks in Thailand.
    Initially we were concerned about the OTA’s but for me they are the lazy option to get low profit easy bookings. We want to concentrate on selling the difference – selling quality. And it’s working. We start our new financial year at the beginning of April and already have just short of 50% of our target bookings for the whole year already booked and deposits paid.
    We are lucky that we live in a lovely old house, newly refurbished and furnished in a contemporary style, in an idyllic village in the Peak District National Park so we don’t really have much similar competition. Gone are the swags and tails, the doilies and the soft cuddly toys. We are constantly looking at our offer as if we were customers – inside and out – it’s amazing what you see.

    • Hey Steven, well done for falling in love with the marketing and creating new ideas for your guests. We are totally on the same page. When we learn how to market and sell, we will never go hungry. Congratulations on everything you’re doing. Are you automating anything yet? Could be your next move 🙂

  6. Bob says:

    Haven’t started our B&B business yet – still looking at different areas and trying to decide where to relocate to before making the big jump. Reading all comments and advice with interest! Think I will enjoy the business side of it but hoping we can cope. Should we farm out the website etc side of it to experts or try to run it ourselves, or a compromise between the two?

    • Hey Bob and thanks for your comment. Before deciding where to relocate to, take a look at your own interests and needs. If you’re keen on water sports, it wouldn’t be a good idea to relocate to the mountains, and vice versa. Do some research also on why people come to areas you are looking at and see if you can relate. To set yourself up for success, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the competition, and you do that by serving a particular group of people (who are already coming to that area) in a deeper way that anyone else. Hope that helps you 🙂

  7. Hi, Yvonne Halling,

    If you love your business, love your work than God will also love you and give bless for them side. So, you run a successful business and become a successful entrepreneur. Every person has a different ideology and different nature of their business. So, they choose different business for as per their nature and their interest.