Special Invitation to a Consultation with Yvonne

Would You Like a Specific Plan to Quickly Make More Money While Paying Less Commissions To Online Travel Agents, Free Up Your Precious Time While Still Delighting Your Guests?





Paula HartleySince our call, it really made me think about the focus of our business and I quickly made some changes to our website to reflect our uniqueness, moved special offers to the front page and introduced more about us as people and the area as a destination.  It is early days, but we are already seeing an increase in the number of bookings being made directly through our own website as opposed to through the OTAs.  I have also made the decision to delegate other tasks, which will free up my time for marketing and to build a better relationship with our customers before and after they arrive etc.  Thank you so much for your motivation and good advice.

Ken & Paula Hartley, Dean Valley Panorama B&B, UK

Elizabeth Floriant imageI was introduced to Yvonne through a mutual acquaintance and I admit I was a bit skeptical when I first contacted her. Having run our B and B for 14 years, which admittedly only covered the running expenses of our house, what could anyone possibly teach me?  How wrong I was!  I soon realised just how much she knew about the business and how inspiring her story was!   Just one session with Yvonne has helped me to pinpoint what needs to be and can be done urgently without massive physical and financial investment and to take a step back and look objectively at what I’m doing.  Yvonne has already boosted my confidence and has given me new found motivation.

Elizabeth Floriant, Maison Marthe, France

My call with Yvonne was so full of helpful advice.  I will study my notes & take action! She offered terrific advice & tips. The one I really will use is the notice that I am not at home, must manage my time this time to prevent burnout again.

Madeleine Mitchell, Galway, Ireland