Trip Advisor and what Bed and Breakfast guests really want

Yesterday I went to a networking event for other bed and breakfast business owners and fellow service providers, in Epernay, close to where I live.  It was the first time I’d ever been invited to such an event, and to my knowledge, the first time they’d ever run one.  Thumbs up to the Tourist Office in Epernay.

Part of the event was about meeting other service providers in the tourism industry in Champagne, which was a very good initiative.  But the second agenda item was a presentation by the regional tourist board about a new classification called “Vignobles et Decouvertes” (vines and discoveries, if you don’t speak French).

I wondered at the wisdom of this new classification.  Most of us are already members of several institutions that have inspected us and classed us under their particular banners, why did we need another, and how would this help the average tourist?

A friend and business partner, Marion Ryan sent this timely article today written by Seth Godin, someone we both follow for his wisdom.

In a nutshell, Seth says, amazing service is the only way to stay ahead of the competition, and that guests don’t really care about how lovely your building is, how sumptuous your rooms are.  He goes on to say that what they care about and what we all care about, more and more is the experience we create in our interactions with each other.  Our experience is what tells us whether it’s good or not.

What do you think? Do you agree or not?

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  1. Janet Swift says:

    I absolutely agree that excellent customer service is the key to success. Often I have been disappointed by the attitude of staff and the poor presentation in ‘good’ hotels and, on other occasions, been bowled over by the ‘can do’ attitude of what seemed on paper to be ‘lesser’ establishments. Seth’s absolutely right. Having been fortunate enough to benefit from your excellent hospitality, I have no hesitation in recommending your B & B in Champagne and, in fact, have already done so on Tripadvisor.

  2. I would whole heartedly agree to a certain extent. I guess people care about human interaction, the welcome they have received and the experience they have. Having said that I think people do mind about the type of room etc but as long as if adds to the overall experience. At New Year ad a family we stayed in a pension in the Swiss Alps, it’s somewhere that we have stayed a lot as our friends live very close by. This New Year we were being joined by a friend ( who is used to jet setting with Royalty as their personal trainer ) and before he arrived, my partner asked me to warn him that the accommodation was quite basic. It hadn’t even occurred to me to do that. Although the rooms are very basic, the overall experience of staying there is always one of great welcome, wonderful good and lovely atmosphere in the bar/ dining area. Great post. Thought evoking! And just makes me want to take a trip. Know anywhere good? : )

  3. Jan says:

    Spot on. Amazing service wins for me. It creates such good memories at special times. Jan x

  4. hi Yvonne, I think it’s very true that good service and interaction are so important to the quality of the experience. It’s also what you remember and look back on fondly. Thank you, Sally