Winning an Infusionsoft award

Book coverI’m writing a book.  It’s been a long time coming, but it’s going to be published on the 3rd April.  The book is about how you can create a 6 figure Bed and Breakfast business with just 4 rooms, and no, it’s not about working harder or longer for less and less money. It’s about using the internet and the online technology we all have at our fingertips.

As part of my research for the book, I invited B&B owners to take part in a survey, and the results were very interesting.

  • 1% was using a proper Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to keep in touch with past guests and tempt them to return
  • 90% were using no online technology, apart from a booking system
  • 97% wanted more income

You may already know that I won an award last week for creative and original marketing using the very powerful and very magical Infusionsoft CRM system.  Among their 10,000+ customers I was honoured to receive this award.  They said they had never heard a marketing story like mine.

If you’re not using some form of CRM system in your Bed and Breakfast business, you’re leaving hundreds if not thousands of dollars/ pounds/ euros on the table.

Infusionsoft is the “daddy” of CRM systems.   Click here to see how I use it, and how you can use it too to delight your guests before they arrive, have them coming back and referring you, and make more money.  You deserve it.

Oh and let me know what you think of it.

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  1. Hale Rasmussen says:

    “Oh and by the way, if you’ve got a list of past guests and you’re still using a free email account like Hotmail or gmail or aol, then I’m afraid you’re not even legal! And that could be very costly indeed.”””””????

    Did you mean to say if you mass mail guests using those services without an unsubscribe, you are going against canspam laws? Using a free email service is not illegal.

    • Hi and thank you for your comment. Using a free email service like gmail or hotmail is not illegal for personal use. However, if you’re emailing 100+ people (your guests) at a time without the option for them to unsubsribe, then you are not legal. Hope this helps you 🙂

      • Kate says:

        A friend forwarded me your latest email. I was unable to make the Mid-atlantic conference and apparently missed a lot of great sessions. Who is Ron Costello and what inn is he from? I know most of the innkeepers that usually go to the conference and don’t recognize the name. I’d like to talk to him to see what he got from your session that he is implementing. Thank you.

        • Hi Kate and great to hear from you. I’ve just seen your message. The Mid-Atlantic Conference was a lot of fun, I’m sorry you missed it. But you can see the Slide Presentation by going here: – I’d love to know what you think of it. Warmly, Yvonne

          • Kate Kristensen says:

            Thank you for the presentation link, I will check it out, but you didn’t answer my question, Who is Ron C? Would like to pick his brain. Thank you 🙂

          • Hi again, Kate, Ron C is an aspiring innkeeper. He doesn’t yet have an inn. Hope that answers your question 😉 Yvonne

        • Hi Kate, sorry to have missed your last question 🙂 Ron Costello doesn’t yet have an inn. He’s an aspiring innkeeper in the process of buying an inn. Let me know how I can help you, Yvonne

  2. Michael Haupt says:

    Congratulations on your award, Yvonne! I’ve used Infusionsoft a number of times over the years and can highly recommend their ability to categorize your website visitors for sending just the right kind of content they’re hungry for (if setup correctly). Really impressive achievement!