• You made more money in the next few weeks than you’ve ever made before in the “low” season
  • You learned how to create money in your B&B business whenever you needed it
  • You ended the year with a new confidence, a new focus, finally feeling happy and successful.


Let’s face it. This time of the year can be downright depressing. The season is drawing to a close and you may be wondering about how you’re going to get through the winter.  And whatever you think about Christmas, it’s an expensive and stressful time of year. Soon, you’ll look back over the past 12 months and you’ll see what you have accomplished. You may also see what you haven’t accomplished. However great your year has been, it’s hard not to feel that you could have achieved more.

Of course, you could always decide to simply let the year run its course. You could decide it’s too late to make a difference now – may as well wait for the new season in the New Year. That’s an option many will take. And if that’s your choice of option, then read no further, because everything I’m about to say will be of no interest to you and I don’t want to waste your time.

However, if you’re like me and you’re not willing to start the next season on the back foot, playing catch-up, feeling overwhelmed, less confident and motivated, you’re in the right place.

Are you up for a challenge?

I’m going to invite you to join me on a 4 Week adventure with the serious goal of making the last few weeks of this year YOUR VERY BEST.


I KNOW in my bones that change can happen very fast! Five years ago I built my own B&B business from making less than €10k a year to 6 figures in a matter of months. Since then I’ve helped many of my clients do the same:

Shelley WrightSince working with Yvonne and her team, I have been enlightened beyond belief, and have learned more in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years of running a B&B. I used to discount my rooms in the winter season, but following Yvonne’s advice, I decided not to and guess what, I have doubled my income in December, February and March. I am so happy.
Shelley Wright – Carbon County’s Shady Rest B&B, WA, USA


Paola MessanaI am new to the B&B world and my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t know how to do it successfully. Under Yvonne’s and her team’s guidance, plus the support of the group, which I really appreciate, I am now confident I can make this happen. Working with Yvonne and her team is like being at a university, I have learned so much. Thank you.
Paola Messana – Il Grigua, Sardinia


Claire MackenzieYvonne completely changed our mindset and our attitude to our BnB Business. She gave me the structure and know how to run our website, blog, introduced social media into our world which we are still learning as the changes are continuous. How to identify our ideal guests, how to market our product and services: it was all very relevant to me and it works. Thank you. Claire Mackenzie – Tulach Ard House, Scotland



I KNOW you can create a breakthrough in your business in the next 4 weeks. It will require the following:

  • An internal shift that changes who you are being as a person
  • A total focus on learning the new skills you need
  • A willingness to ask questions and get help
  • 100% commitment to staying in the process and not drifting away
  • To take 100% responsibility for getting the results you want and making the YOUR BEST SEASON 4 Week Intensive Programme work for you

Here’s what you’ll get in the

YOUR BEST SEASON 4 Week Programme:

4 Modules to study and re-visit whenever you want or need to

  • I’m going to walk you through, step by step, the internal shifts and external changes you’ll need to make to be able to step off the merry-go-round of online travel agents and the “generalist” type of business.
  • I’m going to give you my proven and tested step by step process to create and make compelling offers to your past guests to bring in some new money to your business this winter, or whenever you need it.
  • You’ll get my templates, my best practices, my experience in running a 6 figure B&B business with just 4 rooms and NO help from online travel agents to put to work in YOUR business now.

4 Weekly Live Q&A Calls
Where you will get live coaching from me, get your questions answered and feedback on where you’re at.

Your Private Online Mastermind Group
You’ll be part of a private group of like-minded people all dedicated to the same goal of ending the year with a big finish. You will be able to step into the group on Facebook at any time to ask for help and give support so you have the ‘group mastermind’ help you handle obstacles, disappointments and setbacks and maintain the motivation and mindset you need to stay focused and taking consistent action.

Access to me
I will be available on the Facebook group to answer your questions and keep you on track and moving forwards. Isolation and doubt are what could stop you or slow you down. The structure of this Programme is designed to ensure you are neither alone nor stopped by doubt.

It’s not too late to finish this year as your best ever!


The program outline:
Mindset & Action Steps
I teach you the mindset you have to have to allow you to charge higher prices. Without this, you will think (like most people) that it’s all about what the “competition” is charging. You cannot win in that game, and you don’t need to play it.  I’ll show you how to  truly advance and get those turnaround results. I’m going to change the way you think about everything, not just for the next 4 weeks, but for life.
How to Construct a Compelling Offer
Positioning yourself and creating your “timed” compelling offer that has your guests dying to know more and to book with you, is what is going to allow you to create money in your business now and whenever you need it.
How to Write Compelling Web Copy and Emails
Your email copy, your subject lines and your calls to action are crucial in getting them opened, read and clicked on. There are emotional drivers that need to be triggered, and language patterns that work to make this happen.  I will share them with you.
How To Decide On The Right Email Marketing System and How To Use It
The technical stuff is where most people fall down. I will show you how to easily overcome this so you’ll be confident with the technology you need, and be able to use it over and over to keep on creating compelling offers. This is not a one-time event!
How to Create Your Email Marketing Campaign for Your Offer
One email about your event or offer is NEVER enough. Research shows it can take up to 9 “touches” before some people buy.  I will show you how to help them to move closer to the sale, while you are totally in integrity. No cheesy/salesy stuff!
How To Present Offers to Your Past Guests Ongoing
Engaging with your past guests is crucial to building those relationships. You can’t just churn out offers and expect sales every time. You need to be strategic with what you’re offering, so you don’t come across as someone who’s always trying to “get”.

+ Get two fantastic bonuses FREE when you sign up now!

Bonus picture 2

BONUS #1 – Your Personal 1:1 Call with Me

I want this Programme to empower you for life. I want you to go forth with a brand new attitude for your life that ensures you don’t have to rely on online travel agents of anything else to bring you guests.  I’m going to give you the attitude and the strategy that has allowed me to grow a 6 figure B&B with just 4 rooms in a matter of months, win three hospitality awards, a coveted online marketing award, write a book and speak regularly at major industry events, internationally.


Bonus picture 2
BONUS #2 – 10 Website Mistakes Most B&B Owners Are Unwittingly Making and How to Avoid Them
This one hour video training will show you 10 ways you’re website is under-performing. It may look really pretty with lots of gorgeous photos but if you haven’t got these 10 crucial points covered, you’re losing bookings!



So what’s the investment?
I want to make it very easy for you to say YES! I want this programme to be accessible to as many people as possible. The truth is that it could be priceless to you whatever the cost, given the results that you could get if you apply yourself and do the work!

Which is why I’m currently offering Your Best Season for a limited time special offer!





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I truly believe that this Programme will make a tremendous difference to how you finish this season! I am dedicated to helping you do that and I’d love you to be on board and finish the year with a new confidence and more money in your bank account.

To your Success!






P.S.:I notice that the people who are most successful are those who act decisively. Make a decision and take action. This is precisely the way you must behave to make the last quarter of the year magnificent. Do not go away and ‘think about it.’ If you like my approach, then take action to get my help. Click on the payment option above and let’s get started.

John-15-smlWithin one season I have increased takings over 20% even though we were closed for 6 months while we renovated two of our rooms. I’d strongly recommend any B&B operator to get Yvonne’s help to get them past their stumbling blocks and create a business that works and that they really enjoy.
John Davidson – St. Andrew’s Escape, New Zealand