Attention all hard-working, stressed-out B&B owners, Guest House owners and Innkeepers…..

Are you working harder than ever but worried about local competition undercutting your rates?


Has your income reached a level that you can’t seem to break through?


Are you depending on the online travel agents to bring you guests and fed up with their ever-rising commissions and the loss of connection between you and your guests?


Do you just wish you could find a way to work smarter, make more money, while still serving your guests exceptionally well?


I understand how demoralised you must feel with everything that’s changed in this industry, especially over the past couple of years with the rise of booking dot con and the commissions you find yourself paying.  Watching amateurs opening accommodation businesses in your area and under-cutting your rates must be awful for you, and I can appreciate how worried and stressed that is making you feel.

I know how much you enjoy welcoming your guests and giving them an amazing experience and how that used to be enough, and now suddenly it isn’t, and how frustrating it is for you to be working even harder than ever just to make the same money.

woman-day-dreamingLet me paint a picture for you of how different things could be for you.  Just imagine this…

♦ You wake up in the morning with several bookings that have come in overnight via your online booking system, and deposits are already on their way to your bank account.  With just a little input from you, your system is now busy building a relationship with these lovely guests and offering them more of your products and services that you’ve developed especially with them in mind, which not only makes you more money, but delights your guests in so many ways.

♦ The email or phone conversations begin and more sales are coming in.  Guests can’t wait to meet you, to experience what you offer.  You feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your incoming guests are exactly who you want to welcome, and remember that anxiety you used to feel about the possibility of getting negative reviews?  – now gone forever.

♦ You check your financials for this month and you realise you’ve just had a record month and looking at your booked in guests for the weeks and months ahead, it’s looking like this year might be your best ever!

♦ And those commissions you used to pay to the online travel agents just to get heads in your beds?  Reducing by the day and soon to be gone forever!

♦ You feel grateful, proud of yourself for taking action to learn how to do this for yourself.  You feel in control and relaxed about your business now, and enjoying it more than ever.  You might even feel you’ve fallen in love with it again, like you did when you first opened.  The future looks good.

Let me show you how this “imaginary world” could become your new “real-world” for you.

kitchen-smallMy name’s Yvonne Halling and I live in France, where I run a B&B just like you.  A few years ago we had a financial meltdown, and I had to find a way to make my little B&B support me and my family!  Can you imagine how difficult that must have been?  Previously I had been running it as hobby and had only ever made around €10,000 a year.

Anyway, here’s what happened…

  • I got to work and built it up from making almost nothing to making over €100,000 in less than 2 years without any “help” from the OTAs, and that’s just with 4 rooms!
  • I was #1 on Trip Advisor out of 300+ others for 3 consecutive years
  • I’ve been featured in the media and won lots of awards, both for hospitality and for online marketing

I now help others and I do it ALL online so you don’t have to travel anywhere to meet me!  I have an online program that I think would really help you right now.   Many of my clients in this program are having record months and some have even doubled their businesses!

Here’s the details…


This one of a kind online program consists of 12 home study modules so you can go at your own pace, learn when you want to and never “miss a class”.

♦ The modules are released weekly so you need only ever focus on the relevant module each week, thereby avoiding overwhelm and the feeling of “getting left behind”.

♦ There’s weekly coaching and accountability calls so you get individual attention to go over anything you might be finding difficult, which means that you can ask anything you want and get the answers right then and there.

♦ All the calls are recorded, so whether you can make the live calls or not, you’ll be able to listen and watch (where you can see what I’m doing on my computer) over and over so you understand everything that you’re learning.  I know from experience that we all need to hear something more than once, especially when it’s totally new, so having access to past calls means you can take as much time as you need and watch and listen as often as you need to.

♦ You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group to get daily help, so you’ll never be stuck on anything or wondering what to do next.  I’m in there every day to personally help you.

The program is divided into 3 sections, to make it easy for you to implement the 3 crucial systems you need to:

  • reduce the commissions you pay to online travel agents
  • reduce your dependence on the OTAs
  • fill your rooms in the slow season
  • fill your rooms mid-week
  • charge more for what you do 
  • find more of your ideal guests
  • attract more direct bookings
  • be more visible on the net
  • build your brand through good online presence
  • take back your life

Chris Mason Facebook

                                                                            Chris Mason, Parish House Inn, Ypsilanti, USA

Joining the program is a 2-step process. When you click on the apply now button below you’ll be taken to my online calendar. Don’t worry, this is just a casual conversation not a formal interview.  Because of the amount of my time invested, I have to make sure this program is a good fit for you. so we’ll decide together on the call 


In section #1 during the first four weeks, you’ll learn how to encourage your guests to buy more from you so you’ll increase the amount each guest spends, without you having to do even more work.  If you’ve tried this already and it hasn’t worked, or you haven’t got a clue what else you could offer, we’ve got a list of over 50 ideas that others have used, and that you can adapt to your business.

Increasing the amount your guests spend with you is hands down the easiest way to increase your revenue, without doing any more work.  Not only that, you’ll find that your guests will love it too because everything you create will be helping them to have an even more amazing stay with you, which means they’ll be raving about you to everyone they know, so you’ll be attracting even more guests.

♦ In section #2 during the second four weeks, you’ll learn how to make a specific offer to your past guests so they’ll return and refer you to their friends and family.  If you’ve been sending out random newsletters, monthly or inconsistently with more than one thing to choose from and it hasn’t worked, then this section will help you to see why and what to do to have them clicking through to your website and making bookings.

♦ And finally in section #3 during the final 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to use the internet and social media to find and attract more of your ideal guests yourself, without relying on the online travel agents, so over time, those commissions you may be paying right now will become a thing of the past.  If you don’t believe you can survive without the OTAs right now, but you’re open to learning, then I will show you how.

Each weekly lesson takes you step by step through the systems and processes that I and my clients have used to have record months and sometimes even double their businesses.  Everything is proven and tested, not theory from a book, so now it’s your turn to transform your B&B, guest house or inn into an independent self reliant “machine” that will work for YOU, instead of you slaving away for it.

Modules are delivered weekly in the form of videos, with detailed transcripts in case you prefer to read, and extra resources, such as templates and examples are given to help you, so if you’re thinking that you don’t know how to make any of this work, we have lots of examples for you to copy and make your own, plus coaching calls and the private Facebook group so I’m with you every step of the way.


Joining the program is a 2-step process. When you click on the apply now button below you’ll be taken to my online calendar. Don’t worry, this is just a casual conversation not a formal interview.  Because of the amount of my time invested, I have to make sure this program is a good fit for you. so we’ll decide together on the call ClickHereToApply

Sherrie Priestley“Seriously people, we are hit from all sides by profiteering organisations all taking our hard-earned cash and they don’t really give much back.  Having been in this business for 10 years now, and having used all the OTAs, I am now free of the “monkey on my back” so to speak.  I run my B&B on my own with a small boy, and am now seeing a positive shift in my previously tight profit margins.  I am certain that with Yvonne’s guidance, you will see better results.  It’s hard work to start with, but it does work.”

Sherrie Priestley, Woodside Villa B&B, Whitby, UK


Claire Mackenzie image“Yvonne completely changed our mindset and our attitude to our B&B Business. She gave me the structure and know how to run our website, blog, introduced social media into our world which we are still learning as the changes are continuous. Google is now a friend. How to identify our ideal guests.  How to market our products and services, write a free guide. It was all very relevant to me and it works. Thank you”.   
Claire Mackenzie, Tulach Ard House, Grantown on Spey, Scotland 


So you’re probably thinking…..

  • I don’t understand what to do and I don’t have time to learn it
  • I didn’t get into this business to spend all my time on the computer
  • What if I do all this work and it doesn’t work for me?
  • What if I can’t keep up?

I totally get it.

That’s why I’ve designed this program with you in mind.  It includes lots of hand-holding so that you are never left wondering how to do it.  I’ve included weekly coaching calls where you can ask your questions and get hands-on help.  I will literally pass the controls to you, so that I can see your screen on your computer and solve your challenges with you, right there on the call!

I’ve also included a private Facebook group where you can get daily help from me and others who’ve been through the program.  Anything you post in this private group is never seen by anyone else and stays in the group, so you can be completely open with anything you need help on.  You’ll find lots of support there.

And if you’re planning to be away, then you can continue until you totally get it – many of my clients have been with me on this “90 day program” for 12 months!

John-15-sml“Within one season I have increased takings over 20% even though we were closed for 6 months while we renovated two of our rooms. 

I’m also finding more time for tasks that were haunting me for failing to attend to the previous year. Tasks I preferred doing but was too ‘time poor” to do.

I’d strongly recommend any B & B operator to get Yvonne’s help to get them past their stumbling blocks and create a business that works and that they really enjoy.”

John Davidson, St Andrew’s Escape, New Zealand

It’s not too late to make big changes in your business however long you’ve been running it.

I want this Program to empower you for life. I want you to go forth with a brand new attitude for your life that ensures you don’t waste precious time waiting for anyone or anything to come your way or intimidate you. I’m going to give you the attitude that has allowed me to grow a 6 figure B&B with just 4 rooms in a matter of months, win several hospitality awards and a coveted online marketing award.

Joining the program is a 2-step process. When you click on the apply now button below you’ll be taken to my online calendar. Don’t worry, this is just a casual conversation not a formal interview.  Because of the amount of my time invested, I have to make sure this program is a good fit for you. so we’ll decide together on the call 


Marie small“I was finally able to push past the uncomfortable feelings of trying something completely different—and unheard of, yet knowing I had to if I was going to pull ahead of my competition and truly be successful at this business. I started working with Yvonne at the first of the year and since I have begun implementing the changes and strategies I have learned, I have had five record breaking months in 2016  — in 23 years!

Marie Davies, Lehmann House, St Louis, USA