Amazing hospitality owners

I’ve been at the Great Hospitality Show in Birmingham UK these last couple of days and I’ve met with some fabulous hospitality business owners and do you know what always amazes me?

When I look on their websites, I can’t see it

When I check out their social media accounts, it’s not there

When I take a peek at their listings on the online travel agents, it’s definitely not there

So what is it?


Here’s where it is

When I talk to them, they tell me their stories, their hopes, dreams and aspirations.  They talk with passion about their location, their properties, their guests

They share what they know, what makes them unique and I watch them light up as they speak

But when I look at their websites, social media and even their online listings, it isn’t there.

Instead, I find the usual stuff about their beds, their attention to every detail and the delicious breakfast

They completely overlook their own value.

I understand this totally

It’s not easy to see it in ourselves.

We kinda think, well everyone knows this, or everyone can do that

Well maybe,

But not everyone is YOU

You have your own unique value that only you possess.  It’s already inside of you and it’s yours to own and to claim

And what’s exciting is that more and more travellers are looking for this and are willing to pay for it.

There’s never been a better time to be leading with your own value, standing out from the crowd and charging more for it

What do you think?

Leave me a message and let me know

Yvonne 😉


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  1. Thanks for this Yvonne.
    Not always easy to “brag” about yourself. Many owners are on a “friendly” mood and not so much business oriented I suppose.
    Having Followed your advice and posts for a while, I hope some of your recommendations are visible on my website 🙂
    But I am sure their is space for improvement….

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    It is indeed the people running it that are the USP at so many B&B’s and that differentiate and add value to their product compared to the rapidly growing diversity of accommodation options available.

    Personality also makes for repeat business and friendships that much reduce the dependence on the likes of Booking et al, and which also produce the best Trip Advisor reviews and social media feedback.

    The trick is in getting the hint of warmth and personality into the website etc, without making it too “look at me”

    Our own pitch here is “Staying at a mate’s place”, without necessarily being too much “in yer face”.

    Down side is – there’s always a danger you become the most important part of the product, and after a long season, long deep chats with even the nicest and longest known guests can end up making your face ache and your conversation dry up.

    Its a fine balance – but certainly, depending on the type of place you run – warmth and personality are potentially very important aspects to be infused into your public face.

    That said, our own website dates back to about 2004 with only a few updates, and is looking a bit creaky – a bit like us 😉

  3. It’s not always just taking about yourself. Whatever your passion is that drives your business, talk about that. If you’re a wine enthusiast, talk about the different wines in your area, or wine in general. Tsk about the things wine lovers would enjoy in your area.

    Use your blog, social media, and live video to create more useful and entertaining content than any of your competitors, and you’ll rise to the top. You can be the “star” without making it all about you.